Fig, Honey, and Goat Cheese Ice Cream

IMG 8783.jpg


2 cups cream

1 cup milk (I used 2%)

½ cup honey

4 oz goat cheese

½ cup fig preserves

Optional: fresh figs for garnish


Heat cream, milk, and honey over low heat until steaming but not boiling.

Remove from heat, add goat cheese and stir to melt.

Cool in the fridge or freezer until cold enough for go into and ice cream freezer.*

Freeze according to directions.

When ice cream is almost ready add fig preserves.

Serve with fresh figs if desired.

*Ice cream freezers are readily available online at very reasonable prices. My South Carolina Cousin – who had never made ice cream - ordered one a few weeks ago and is now putting Baskin Robbins to shame. I’m not a fan of tons of kitchen equipment, but this is definitely a gadget we love.

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